As an expression of Ignite Ministries, Inc, The Jesus Tent exists to help transform entire cities through building of day & night prayer, providing citywide love feasts, and sending fourth missionaries into local projects and neighborhoods.

The Jesus Tent Story

The Jesus Tent was birthed out of a prayer meeting on the site of Azusa East in Dunn, NC in 2012. In seeking to break open this historic well, God opened an amazing door to set-up a tent for 50 straight hours on Dunn’s public High School campus. There was just one problem. We had no tent. We contacted a woman who used to do tent ministry in the Carolinas. She had not used it in 12 years. After asking to borrow it, she said God spoke to her and said that, “this tent was never to be set-up again until the last day youth revival movement began.” So she gave it to us permanently. We set up on the school’s campus and launched 50 straight hours or worship and prayer on the band field. A great revival broke out, and the Jesus tent was born! It literally has a mandate from heaven to break open historic revival wells in cities and regions.

Michael Thornton, Founder

Before answering Gods call on Michael’s life, he was hopelessly addicted to crack-cocaine for nearly a decade.  After entering into a Christian Recovery Center, Michael encountered the powerful love of Jesus. He was transformed! His testimony was even featured on the 700 Club, which airs on the CBN network. After completing the program, God called Michael to school where, he met his wife, Amber Thornton. In May 2012, Michael received a Masters degree in Public Administration/Non-profit Organizations at Regent University.

During this time, God began to stir Michael’s heart to see citywide transformation through re-digging historic wells of revival. His passion for helping cities unlock their revival inheritance has produced two books: Fire in the Carolinas & Igniting Cities. Michael currently lives in Leland, N.C. with his wife, Amber and their five beautiful children. He serves as an outreach pastor at Global River Church and Director of Ignite Ministries.