During April 5-13, over 120 people from the Carolinas joined together and flew out to Los Angeles, California, to see a move of God. And it has come! We erected our Jesus Tent on the original site of the Azusa Street Revival (1906). Right off San Pedro Street, the tent was situated at the foot of skid row, one of the most dangerous and largest homeless populations in America. To pull this off, the Lord brought us amazing help through the CRI (Crisis Responses International) team. Approximately, 50 of their volunteers flew in from all over America and stayed on cots at the Union Mission and helped us set-up the tent, feed the poor, and break open the historic well of Azusa Street.

For several days worship teams and intercessors built day & night prayer and worship under the tent, and the power of God exploded! Our gathering at Azusa Street culminated on Sunday, April 10, when the city gave us permission to shut down San Pedro Street and cook food for the homeless all day. We came with an empty freezer not knowing anyone in L.A. but by April 10, churches and organizations had donated over 6,000 hotdogs and hamburgers. Setting tables in the streets, we fed over 5,000 people that day. In addition, teams from the Carolinas and east coast were outreaching in the heart of skid row and bringing them back for lunch.